//White Green Bay

White Green Bay

White Green Bay

Green Bay, Wisconsin

This is not a black and white photograph,
this is what winter looks like from space.

This is actually a composite of two smaller photos taken one second apart, carefully spliced together with Photoshop®.  The photos were taken by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station during Expedition 38 in 2014 as it passed over Green Bay.

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The serpentine structure in the bay (below) is a 4.3-mile, 8-foot stone dike that acts as a wave barrier and a “mold” for the restoration of three islands that were destroyed by erosion in the 1970s.

If you look closely you can see brown, green, blue, and other subtle colors…

Original (raw) image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center.

White Green Bay

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