Looking like gold foil, Whitefish Bay glistens in the August sun.  The brightest
reflections are from the St. Marys River system, especially the St. Joseph Channel.

Ocean-class freighters and their wakes can be seen clearly among the glistening wave patterns.

The U.S./Canada border runs down the middle of the bay and then the river.  Michigan is on the left, Ontario on the right.

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Full-Resolution Close-Ups

The long diagonal line looks at first like it might be dirt on the lens, but it’s actually the contrail of a plane.

Here is an uncropped version, which shows more of Ontario to the east.

Original (raw) image courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Center.

Notice that the uncropped photo’s corners aren’t square and the edges are not straight; this is a high-resolution scan of a film photograph from 1989.  Here’s part of an edge, full size.

It was taken by an astronaut aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia a few years before its final flight, using a camera similar to this one, show here without a lens.  The Velcro® was used to stick the weightless camera to the interior walls of the Shuttle for storage.  This model takes square, 70mm film, which is about five times larger than standard 35mm.  When printed actual size this scanned photograph is a remarkable 18×18″ including the narrow black border.

Camera photo courtesy of the U.S. National Air and Space Museum (article).




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