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About Eric Pearson

Eric Pearson is the producer of The Gape Collection and the curator of the Great Lakes, Grand Lands album. He lives within dog-walking distance of the Boardman River near Traverse City, Michigan, in the heart of the Great Lakes region, with his bitch Cleo.

Thunder on Huron

Thunder On Huron

Lake Huron’s Thunder Bay
Alpena County, Michigan

Local mineral sands produce oranges and tans, and tint the shallow blue water with swatches of green
and purplish. Wind, waves, currents, and the midday sun all contribute to the striking water patterns.

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The Traverses

The Traverses

Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse and Little Traverse Bays

Two even larger traverses (little “t”) are also visible. That’s the Upper Peninsula’s Seul Choix Point in
the top-left corner, and at the bottom-left is Wisconsin’s Door Pensinula and Green Bay.  Yet only a
tiny slice is missing from one of the Traverse Area inland lakes on the right.  Well shot, astronaut.

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