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Eric Pearson is the producer of The Gape Collection and the curator of the Great Lakes, Grand Lands album. He lives within dog-walking distance of the Boardman River near Traverse City, Michigan, in the heart of the Great Lakes region, with his bitch Cleo.

Chicago Alight

Chicago Alight

Chicago, Illinois, Around Midnight

Photos like this are extraordinarily difficult to shoot, and therefore quite rare.
The combination of 1) low light, 2) the International Space Station moving
5 miles/second,  3) a powerful zoom lens, and 4) a handheld, weightless
camera make it very difficult to shoot a photo that isn’t smeared at all.

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Looking like gold foil, Whitefish Bay glistens in the August sun.  The brightest
reflections are from the St. Marys River system, especially the St. Joseph Channel.

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